About this item: RAISE YOUR VIBRATION: Crystal therapy is based on the entrainment principle, a concept embraced by virtually every life science. One organism synchronizes the energy of another with a lower vibration until the pair share the higher frequency of the first. This is what keeps crystal watches ticking and why people walking down the street at the same time fall into step with each other. It’s thought that this exchange of energy from stones has an effect on human cells to promote healing, detoxification and regeneration, including those of your largest organ – your skin.

LOOK ROSY WITH 7 FLOWER ESSENTIAL OIL: The ancient carried 7 flower essential oil to ward off the signs of aging skin. Some holistic practitioners infuse the energy of this 7-flower essential oil into skin care products. CALM SKIN WITH CRYSTALS: Crystals readily recognized by its lovely colours and each colour has its own uniqueness

WAY OF USE: (Aroma Crystal Gleam Mist Can Be Used Quite A Few Ways)

As daily morning routine spray – hold it about six inches away from your face and spray

Connecting to your heart chakra – spray directly onto skin and visualize surrounding in a mist of loving energy to boost up aura.

Can be used before make-up and bedtime


West Malaysia, East Malaysia


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